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a brand is a brand!

The classical design job: a technical platform was given by the OEM, and not very outstanding compared to market standards (except for the new ultrafast laser optics) and also the features were not really differentiating from the competition (no wonder, being it an ordinary PC mouse..), so the design needed to make the difference!

Together with product management and development, the designers tried hard to come up with a proposal, which would answer to all the requirements concerning usability, as well as clearly fit the brand language the company had established.

A quick visit to the electronic store around the corner, including a benchmark session, revealed an overcrowded shelf with lots of similar, very competent and technological looking stuff. Well, it seemed just right to base the new design on the renewed brand values, and with that to create an authentic and outstanding form language to set this computer mouse apart from the pack! more…

can designers save the world?

Risk-avoidance is the topic of concern, even more so, since we do all now fear that the same fate as to those poor people in Japan could happen to us as well. The collective angst, which predominantly finds fertile ground here in Germany, is in line with one of our basic needs – security: we do want the world to work according to our desires and vision – safe, in order, fair and fortunate.

That’s why politicians will do everything to ensure us that they can protect this state of heaven – and with that, hope for our vote.


design driven innovation

Speech held at the Fraunhofer Innovation Forum:

Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

We need innovation to progress.
We need innovation to keep our economic cycle going, which is still based on consuming and renewing.
We need innovation to help us climb the ladder of human needs, on our way to reach the final step… Innovation is there to bring us this advantage: Like a seed, it holds the key to continuity. For our economy and society, it creates value and prosperity, and in our economic system, it‘s a measure to sustain against the competition.


pirates in suits

The coordinated interplay of the various departments within a company is a similar challenge to steering a fleet on the wide ocean: how can you direct the various vessels in such a way that they behave like a fleet, and not like a bunch of uncoordinated pirate ships aloof? more…

please strip!

Have you ever been to an orthopedist, maybe because your knee hurt?

Then it might have occurred to you, as it did to me: you had the diagnosis on the symptom, which was unequivocally identified on the x-ray, but the cause of your problem still remained in the dark.
Once outside, after the clearance, it hurts like before and you still don’t know how to get rid of the pain (but now you might know it’s exact location).
But the orthopedist’s job was thorough: he quickly could find the spot causing the pain thanks to his experience and specialized equipment (in my case a dislocated knee-cap), and then he gives advice on the following step to be taken – we have to operate!


design orchestra

Music is fascinating, especially if performed in a symphonic fashion by a large orchestra: the careful interplay of the various instruments is able to create a sound so unique and refined, it can touch the very soul and bring you to tears. Music is so moving and stirring, unlike any other experience created through man-made products.
Once I had the pleasure to attend a performance of the Vienna Symphonic Orchestra: they were citing a piece of Lutoslawski, which gave me goosebumps all over – it was just unbelievable!


kitchen nightmare

Dedicated to Steve, the biggest chef of all!

There are plenty of these TV shows around, those, featuring slick chefs who pimps-up hopelessly ran down restaurants. Their recipe: provide some expert advice and several well-placed helping hands, all to have each head in the restaurant face the same direction. With these measures, there is hope that the ‘re-designed’ establishment will finally appeal to the taste of the customer. If this is accomplished, and the customers are thrilled by the experience they have had, it might lead them to recommend the place to their friends, instead of discouraging them to even consider – not only for restaurants, this is the driver for sustainable growth. more…

lessons of a fruit grower

On the long run, a sustainable approach to business is more rewarding than only going for a quick harvest: if greed prevails, sustainability is at risk. Where this can lead to, can easily be explained by any farmer who is running a farm, which he inherited from his great-grandfathers.

The temptation is huge though, to only focus on the biggest possible harvest. In the end, the only thing which counts is the fruits (of labour) – it’s all about the apples! more…