Successful companies lead design! It’s now or never! When facing the aftermath of the Corona-crisis many companies will consider their options for survival: what can be thrown overboard, what should remain, and be improved in order to stay relevant and attractive when customers return? But how can they decide what goes where? By leading design, from the very beginning. This book provides knowledge and methods needed to strategically position and lead design. Because design is a core competency that must be developed throughout the company, if this competency is present, companies can – like a symphony orchestra – create a performance together that will inspire their customers and make them come back! 

‘Future leaders will mark this book as the beginning of a new paradigm in management—the ‘designed’ business. Must read!’
Marty Neumeier, author of METASKILLS and THE BRAND GAP‘

Jan-Erik challenges us – with a professional process that can be understood by every executive – to venture a path to a people-oriented design company. But it is no longer an option not to go down this path: Design and innovation are the only effective elements of a successful business strategy. Arguments that ‘Change by Design & Innovation’ is too expensive are naive and will cost many companies their existence. Successful design companies – such as Apple or Porsche – have designers at the top of their company. And this book is also important for us designers: as partners, we must be competent in all areas of business leadership.’
Hartmut Esslinger, founder of frog design