With well-established methods, as well as consulting based on the characteristics of the organization, I support companies to position their design activities more effectively. Whether it’s about in-house design activities that you want to integrate better into your business processes, or about external service providers that you want to align to your strategic planning: in order to optimally and effectively align all design activities with the requirements of your business and organization you will need a comprehensive understanding of how both design and management optimally work together.

I have been supporting companies as an independent consultant in mandates since 2011. Please send inquiries to info@janerikbaars.com

Design strategy

Development of strategies that define how design activities can best support a company’s purpose. More information about the approach under designcanvas.

Design management

Introduction of measures or processes that control and plan design activities. Make or buy scenarios, organizational design, process development, resources planning and development.

Organizational development

Analysis of the organisational maturity using CCScore™ and the Design Maturity Score. Implementing a “Reflection to Action” with the aim to uncover development potential and to formulate improvement initiatives.